August 2019

Did You Know You Can Make a Video of Anything on Your iPhone or iPad Screen?

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You know how to use the Camera app on your iPhone or iPad to take a video, but did you know that you can also record a video of what happens on the screen [...]

July 2019

Never Send Someone a Password in Mail or Messages: Do This Instead!

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One of the big no-nos with passwords is sending them to other people as plain text in email or a text message conversation. You presumably trust your recipient with the password, but what if [...]

Use Spotlight on the Mac to Convert Units, Track Flights, Find Movies, and More!

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Most Mac users probably think of searching on the Mac in relation to finding files on their drives. That may be the most common use of Apple’s Spotlight search technology, but over the years, [...]

Use macOS’s Guest Account to Protect Your Privacy from Temporary Users

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We’ve all had it happen. “Can I use your Mac for a minute to check my email?” The answer can be “Yes,” but to keep people from poking around on your Mac, have your [...]

Some May Like It Hot… But Your Technology Prefers to Stay Cool

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When summer brings sunny days and rising temperatures, you may have ditched your business suit for shorts or skirts to stay comfortable, but your technological gear can’t do the same. And keeping your tech [...]