June 2022

Apple Previews M2-Based MacBook Air and Updated 13-Inch MacBook Pro

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During its Worldwide Developer Conference keynote on June 6th, Apple took a brief break from showing off new features in upcoming operating systems to throw back the curtains on its new M2 chip and [...]

Easily Share Wi-Fi Passwords with Other People and Devices

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You’re on vacation with your family, staying in an Airbnb, with multiple Apple devices to connect to the apartment’s Wi-Fi. Typing the password repeatedly would be a pain, but happily, Apple has added a [...]

Take Advantage of CarPlay in Rental Cars While Traveling

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Renting a car has become more interesting in recent years due to changes automakers have been making to car electronics. For example, Apple’s CarPlay is becoming a common feature on rental cars. That lets [...]

How to Recover from Overzealous Auto-Correct Curly Quotes

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Most of the time, it’s appropriate when an auto-correct feature turns single and double hash marks into single and double curly quotes. However, there are times when the curly quotes are awkward for some reason [...]

Block Malicious and Adult Web Sites with DNS Filtering

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One of the best ways to keep malware from infecting your computers is to avoid visiting websites designed to do just that. No one intentionally visits, but malware authors employ all sorts of [...]

May 2022

Don’t Miss the List Views in the iPhone’s Calendar App

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The iPhone’s Calendar app defaults to graphical views for Day, Week (rotate to landscape), Month, and Year, but only the Day view shows information about your actual events, and even then, it’s easy to [...]

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