June 2020

How to Ask for Tech Support So You Get Good Answers Quickly

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Need help with something? On occasion, we all need tech support. Speaking as the people who are sometimes on the other end of those requests for help, we have some suggestions on how to [...]

Stop Group FaceTime Video Tiles from Bouncing with Recent Apple OS Updates

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Since iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 Mojave, Apple has supported Group FaceTime, which lets you have a video call with up to 32 people. However, as has become painfully obvious in today’s era of [...]

Use the Mac’s Built-In Screen Sharing to Provide Remote Help

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Are you the person your friends and family members turn to for questions about the Mac? In normal times, those questions might come over dinner or at another in-person gathering, such that you could [...]

Do You Know Who Can Track Your Location? It’s Worth Checking Periodically

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Sharing your location works well when you’re out with friends or family and want everyone to be able to see where everyone else is. It’s easy to enable in various spots in iOS 13—in [...]

Want to Push Some Buttons? Make the Most of Control Center in iOS

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Starting back in iOS 11, Apple made Control Center significantly more useful by letting you customize it more to your liking by adding and rearranging buttons. You can even remove a few of the [...]

Ever Wondered Which Words to Capitalize in a Title? Use Capitalize My Title!

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When you’re writing a blog post or email newsletter, you’ll eventually hit the question of how to capitalize words in a title. There is no one right way, but just as with poor spelling [...]