Data Recovery Services from GatorTec

Life happens, and sometimes data loss on your Mac or iPhone is unavoidable. But with GatorTec data recovery solutions, our expert technicians can retrieve your data in-house, saving you both time and money, while restoring peace of mind. 

We're Data Recovery Experts

We've Seen it All

From phones that have taken a swim to lightning-struck laptops, our expert technicians have seen it all. You can rest assured that we will do everything we can to attempt to recover your data.

In-House Data Recovery

In-House Data Recovery

Many of our data recovery services are performed in-house by our Certified Apple Technicians for both Mac and iPhone, saving you time and money.

Mail Off Recovery Options

Mail Off Recovery Options

For complex data recovery situations, GatorTec has partnered with Drive Savers and OnTrack – industry leaders in data recovery – to mail your device to their facilities for advanced data recovery.

No Charge if We're Unsuccessful

No Charge if We Can’t Recover Your Files

Data recovery is complex, and sometimes files are unable to be recovered. If this happens, there is no charge for us to have attempted data recovery. 

Mac Pricing

Tier 1: drive cloning (from good drive to good drive)


Tier 2: hard drive will not mount/data not easily accessible*


Tier 3: hard drive has major malfunction/sector damage


Tier 4: hard drive has catastrophic mechanical issues

starting at $439

iPhone Pricing

Tier 1: Known Good Phone


Tier 2: One or multiple components malfunctioning


Tier 3: Offsite/Mail-off

starting at $300

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