January 2021

Overwhelmed by Apps? Use iOS 14’s App Library to Manage Your Home Screens

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Many of us have been using iPhones for years, and apps we bought or downloaded long ago molder in corners of our Home screens. Even if you haven’t played Flappy Bird in years, its [...]

Flash Is Dead—Uninstall Flash Player to Keep Your Mac Secure

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In July 2017, Adobe announced that it would stop distributing and updating Flash Player on December 31st, 2020. Web standards like HTML5 provide a viable alternative to Flash content, and organizations that relied on [...]

Want to Send Photo Cards? Try Building Them with Motif for Photos

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In 2018, Apple dropped support for creating print projects from within Photos, including greeting cards, calendars, and books. Instead, Apple allowed other print-service companies to build Photos Project extensions that gave users the same [...]

A Quick Shortcut to Create an Instant Slideshow from a Folder of Images

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You probably know that you can select an image in the Finder and press the Space bar to preview it in a Quick Look window. And you may know that you can use the [...]

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