March 2020

Set Your Preferred Name and Photo for Messages in iOS 13

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In your list of conversations in Messages, you probably have lots of people who have generic icons next to their names or numbers. You likely look like that to other people as well, but [...]

Troubleshooting Steps for When Your Mac Won’t Print 

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There’s little more frustrating than being unable to print a document when you need it. You choose File > Print, and nothing happens. Or, worse, macOS looks like it’s printing, so you focus on [...]

MacBook Air Update Features Magic Keyboard, iPad Pro Gets a Trackpad

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In a widely expected update, Apple has introduced a new MacBook Air that replaces the much-maligned butterfly keyboard with the new Magic Keyboard. The MacBook Air also gains faster processors, enhanced graphics, and more [...]

Unsubscribe from Marketing Email to Lighten Your Inbox Load

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Are you overwhelmed by email? Is your Inbox filled with promotions, special offers, and the like? These messages aren’t spam—you almost always bought something from the company or have some sort of relationship with the [...]