Peace of Mind with Proactive System Reports

What if you had a way to get advance notice of issues on your Mac? With Mac Alerts from GatorTec, now you can!

It’s not always easy to tell if there is a problem with your Mac, but with Mac Alerts from GatorTec, our proactive remote system checks will alert us and you if there is a problem, allowing us to alert you along with providing you with a solution for how to fix it.

With Mac Alerts you can help your Mac have a long and productive life.


  • Available for all computers
  • 3 year subscription

GatorGuard with MacAlerts

  • Available for NEW computers only
  • 3 year subscription
  • Plus all the great features of GatorGuard!

What Does Mac Alerts Report?


Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your computer is properly backing up to your external hard drive or cloud backup. With Mac Alerts, we make sure your back-up is working properly so you never have to worry. We will notify you with an email alert if your computer has gone more than 7 days without completing a back-up.

System performance

Keep your computer at optimal performance with Mac Alerts. We’ll let you know about issues such as failing laptop batteries, kernel panics, or faulty RAM, along with other issues that can go unnoticed. And you can rest assured that If there is a serious issue, we can let you know it’s time to bring your computer in for service.

Disk Drive Performance and Health

Maintaining the health of the hard drive or solid state drive (SSD) on your computer is important for overall performance, but also helps to minimize the risk of data loss. Mac Alerts will notify you if you’re running out of disk space, I/O errors, SMART errors, false mounts and more – preventing potential system corruption and data loss.

Malware Detection

Mac Alerts provides basic Malware Detection to keep your computer protected from potential threats. We will notify you via email if your computer has become infected and give you options for malware removal.

Your Privacy is Our Priority

Mac Alerts utilizes Watchman Monitoring Software, one of the best-in-class issue detection softwares on the market. GatorTec and Watchman do not have access to your personal data; we only receive a report of what the software detects.

Once the software is installed on your computer, a random ID is created for your computer, and this is what is used to identify status reports.

MacAlerts Reports:

  • Serial number

  • The name of the computer

  • Last backup date

  • Hardware health status

  • Uptime and last boot health

  • Operating system version

  • Known Malware within file system

MacAlerts DOES NOT Have Access To:

  • Screen or keyboard activity

  • Any files

  • Browser history, or other similar user actions

  • Passwords, e-mails, or messages

  • Computer’s physical location*

*In cases where a computer is considered stolen or missing, administrators can request a one-time notification of the reporting IP address with a police report. 


Mac Alerts can be purchased in store for any computer, new or currently owned.

Mac Alerts is also available with the purchase of a new computer + GatorGuard. When you purchase GatorGuard, you have the option to enroll in Mac Alerts as part of your membership. 

Once you are enrolled in Mac Alerts, you will receive an email if there is an issue detected with your computer. The email will let you know what the error is, and what needs to be done to fix the issue.

If you decide that you no longer want to receive preventative alerts about issues with your computer, you can contact us and we can turn off the notifications or remove Mac Alerts entirely.

What Our Clients Say

“GatorTec was able to alert me that my hard drive was failing before I even knew anything was wrong. They saved me from losing my data and because I was alerted before the drive failed, I was able to bring in my computer for repair when it was convenient for me. Thanks GatorTec!”

K.W., GatorTec Business Client, Jacksonville, FL

“Knowing that GatorTec will get an alert, and then alert me, of any issues with our company computers gives me peace of mind. Luckily, we haven’t had any major issues yet, but I know if any were to occur that GatorTec would let me know ASAP so we could resolve the issue. It’s so nice having one less thing to worry about.”

B.P., GatorTec Business Client, Gainesville, FL

“I am terrible at remembering to backup my computer. The alerts I receive remind me when a recent backup hasn’t been completed, which I really appreciate since my data is very important to me and my business.”

C.T., GatorTec Business Client, Gainesville, FL