gunnar-2How closely does this resemble your normal day: Your iPhone wakes you up in the morning, and you check it for texts, email, maybe read a few news stories.  You get to work and sit down in front of a computer screen, which you’ll be looking at for several hours throughout the day.  You get home and watch a few shows on Netflix, maybe play a game on your iPad or TV.  The most ubiquitous thing in all of our lives these days?  Digital Screens.

But did you know that looking at these screens all day is actually harmful for you?  Too much time spent in front of digital screens can cause problems ranging from dry, irritated eyes all the way to headaches and insomnia.  You’re probably already familiar with these deleterious effects if you’ve ever spent several hours back-to-back staring at a digital screen, and between smart phones, tablets, laptops and televisions, I can’t think of a single person I know who wouldn’t benefit from a little eye relief.  This relief is exactly what Gunnar provides.

The lenses are not only designed to reduce the harmful blue light produced by digital screens, which can disrupt your sleep cycles and damage your retinas, but they also focus your vision between 18-36 inches in from of your face.  This slightly magnifies any screen you’re looking at, which further reduces strain on your eyes and keeps you from developing that awful headache we’re all familiar with after trying to read on a screen for any length of time.

Gunnar glasses are an absolute must-have for anybody who works on screens all day, and are highly recommended for anybody who regularly uses a computer, tablet or a smart phone.  Stop in at GatorTec today to try on a pair, and see the wide variety of styles to suite every taste and need!